Our Services

Solar Power Design

Power Ethiopia provides a solar power design. We list the specifications and load of a project, calculate what is needed and use these information to design your solar consumption. We also provide equipment supply, installation and maintenance services.

Solar Water Pump Supply and Installation

A typical system consists of four major components that together make up a solar water pumping unit capable of providing large capacities of water during summer and winter times. The major components are the PV panels, the solar pump, the controller and the storage volume.


Power Ethiopia aimed at building up to 250,000 human resources and creating employment opportunities for sustainable economic growth in renewable energy, agriculture, and electromechanical systems 

CCTV Camera Power Backup

The CCTV camera power backup system can provide consistently clean power, blocking surges and keep the electricity at a stable level. Therefore ensuring the cameras remain online 24/7.

Hybrid Electrical Building Installation Design

To put it simply, electrical installation and maintenance is the process of installing and maintaining electrical system and equipment. It may include wiring , repairing or replacing damaged equipment, and inspecting electrical  system for safety.

General Electrical Equipment Supply

Power ethiopia technology supplies and delivery of solar PV, power transmission and distribution, water pumps, and related electrical materials. This includes but is not limited to solar panels, inverters, control equipment, street lights, utility poles, cables(DC, AC, LV, MV and HV), transformers, T&D accessories, solar water heaters, water pumps( DC and AC) and related equipment.

Existing System Service and Maintenance

Power Ethiopia provides system maintenance and service for existing systems in a facility. This includes but not limited to:-

  • Testing, diagnosis and replacing of existing electrical equipments
  • Testing, diagnosis and replacing of existing access control systems
  • Redesign and service existing electrical systems

We use a comprehensive approach to improve the performance, efficiency, safety, and functionality.