Solar eV charge and parking

Solar EV charging stations integrated with smart parking solutions provide sustainable and convenient power for electric vehicles, revolutionizing the way we approach clean and efficient transportation.


በሶላር ሃይል የሚሰራ የኤሌክትሪክ ተሽከርካሪ ቻርጅ እና ማቆምያ

Solar Traffic Signal Light

Solar-powered traffic signal lights harness renewable energy from the sun to illuminate intersections, enhancing safety, reducing environmental impact, and providing reliable operation even during power outages.


በሶላር ሃይል የሚሰራ የትራፊክ መብራት

Solar CCTV

Solar CCTV cameras utilize solar power for continuous surveillance in remote areas without relying on external power sources, while solar traffic signal lights harness solar energy to enhance sustainable and efficient traffic management systems.


በሶላር ሃይል የሚሰራ የደህንነት ካሜራ

PV+ Vegatables

The PV (Photovoltaic) vegetable traffic signal light utilizes solar energy to power its illumination, promoting sustainable and energy-efficient urban traffic management.


የፒ.ቪ+ አትክልቶች

Solar Eco-System

The solar ecosystem encompasses a sustainable energy cycle, utilizing sunlight to generate electricity through photovoltaic technology, contributing to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly power generation system.


የሶላር ስነ -ምህዳር

Solar Irrigation

Solar irrigation harnesses the power of the sun to efficiently and sustainably meet agricultural water needs, promoting energy independence and environmental conservation in farming practices.


በሶላር ሃይል የተደገፈ መስኖ

PV+ Farming

Combining photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with farming practices, often referred to as agrivoltaics, maximizes land use efficiency by harnessing solar energy for electricity generation while supporting agricultural activities.


የፒቪ+ እርሻ

We Provide Energy

We empower communities with sustainable energy solutions to drive positive environmental impact and foster a resilient, green future.

High Technology​

We are one of the largest solar panel manufacturer with products using the latest technology.


We provide turnkey project development, solar panel installation setup and delivery.


We provide panel installation on time with first class materials and quality workmanship.


Our maintenance, repair and technical service support continues after installation.

About Us

Power Ethiopia is a leading player in the renewable energy sector, specializing in solar systems and electromechanical systems. Established in 2021 by Ethiopian American diasporas, the company serves as a sister company to Skylink Trading PLC. With a strong commitment to sustainable development, Power Ethiopia supplies high-quality electromechanical and solar products while providing comprehensive training programs to aspiring professionals throughout the country. By leveraging renewable energy sources, the company aims to drive Ethiopia towards a greener and more energy-independent future.

Empowering Communities through Solar Energy

Empowering communities with solar energy fosters sustainability, independence, and economic growth. By harnessing the power of the sun, communities can break free from traditional energy constraints, reducing reliance on non-renewable sources and lowering long-term energy costs.

About Renewable Energy

Ethiopia is a country blessed with renewable energy. These are hydraulic, wind geothermal, solar and biomass. Our country, which is built on rapid economic growth, will see its energy demand increase to a great extent. For this the sector is making major moves to grow by 10-14 percent till 2037.


Power Ethiopia aimed at building up to 250,000 human resources and creating employment opportunities for sustainable economic growth in renewable energy, agriculture, and electromechanical systems 

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