Electrical Power

Power and Energy Division

Our key personnel collection have vast knowledge and resources, in building a credible reputation to design, plan and install electrical power and energy related equipments.


We have planned to be one of the leading companies in supporting and developing the engineering solution for energy and power services for the countries growing economy, and achieved that since establishment.


We will still be the pioneer and leaders of modern electrical contracting in Ethiopia. We have a plan to lay a remarkable result in the electrical infrastructure of Ethiopia. Our key personnel have the experience of executing a variety of projects that range from buildings governmental jobs and industrial projects. Our teamcof professionals who have extensive experience and capabilities can deliver solutions for valuable engineering works, and possess design approvals from various concerned authorities


Power distribution, control, low voltage power network in-frastructure works:

  • Solar power distributition – desigen
  • Power distribution & Control boards design, assembly, supply and errection.
  • Supply and Installation of other Electrical distribution material & equipments works.
  • Supply and errection of Diesel Generators
  • Substation tail cables (feeder & transformer tails) works
  • Control cables (pilot & coaxial cables) works
  • Communication cables (fiber optic and telephone cables)
  • Electrical installation works
  • MV and Low voltage systems design and implementation
  • Supply and errection of renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic/solar power supply equipments.

Civil works associated with power distribution, control and cable works:

  • Excavation & back filling of cable trenches
  • Construction of foundation works for masts and towers.
  • Construction of cable joint pits (pre-cast & block wall manholes)
  • Construction of cable ducts (road crossing)
  • Construction of basements & foundations (for steel structures)


When it comes to electrical distribution works, we have demonstrated our capacity to our esteemed customer in many ways. We design and roll out all the activities related to medium and low voltage levels. We are known for our ability on understanding the exact requirement of our customers and making them functioning within the time frame and with affordable cost.

We also design, assemble and install low voltage distribution boards as per the need of customers. All our electrical power distribution design considers safety, low maintenance cost, power quality, maximum electrical efficiency, minimum initial investment and so on. So working with us will give to our customers trust and quality of service at any pointing time.

Each city/town across the country is unique, from its population and citizen demographics to the budget that drives key initiatives and priorities. But, whichever is the case we avail different technology street lighting solutions to help save money, increase energy efficiency and travel down the road toward reater intelligence.


Zemen efficiently constructs and installs quality end-to-end electrical transmission and distribution systems. From remote rural locations to busy downtown streets , our crews deliver overhead and underground electrical transmission and distribution services. We work closely with our clients to ensure the highest levels of safety, overall environmental stewardship, and the proper energizing of


Solar hybrid power systems are hybrid power systems that combine solar power from a photovoltaic system with another power generating energy source. A common type is a photo voltaic diesel hybrid system combining photovoltaic (PV) and diesel generators or/ and hydro, as PV has hardly any marginal cost and is treated with priority on the grid. The diesel genets/hydro are used to constantly fill in the gap between the present load and the actual generated power by the PV system.

This system is highly recommended for mission critical service which needs un-interrupted power supplies like datacenters. Using such solution will lead an enterprise to:-

  • Improved site availability
  • Cost saving
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Lower operational cost
  • System redundancy
  • Enhancing green environment and so on


Mini-grids have proved to the best solution to provide true electricity for remote and usually deprived communities. As mini-grids are built in very close proximity to the beneficiary communities, there will be no need for power transmission infrastructure, which cuts the overall cost down & enables to provide afford- able energy. Considering most remote communities may not afford expensive energy, mini-grids are the most viable means to supply electricity to such communities. Moreover, mini-grids provide true electricity, in which the electricity obtained can be used for all purposes unlike to the small solar home kits or solar home systems which provide only lights and phone charging.

Our extensive expertise and experience helps mini-grid operators to design and build complete solar PV mini-grids; including the power generation system, power distribution infrastructure and energy metering solutions.

As we have ventured into mini-grids design and construction, we have developed an extensive network of manufacturers of the required components for acquiring them at the best possible prices; which in-turn helps us to deliver the projects to the developers and operators at lowest prices.